Why I Am Not Your Leader

leninI suck at leadership, and I usually suck at following leaders, too. There have been precious few men, my father included, who have inspired me to obey their orders, however ridiculous.

I’m also a terrible friend; and, I’m not friends with anyone I know on the internet. There are a few online minds I admire, and I will promote their work. Wimminz is one of the best blogs I know of. Jack Donovan is another. The authors of both those sites have little in common, but both are solid guys who tell the unpalatable truth.

Dalrock is another blog that’s in my top 5. Unlike the first two authors, I’ve never had private conversations with the guy behind the Dalrock blog. It’s not likely to be revealed that he is a convicted burglar and drug addict, who blogs while he’s waiting on the welfare check; but, if something like that came out, I really wouldn’t care. In every case, it’s about the message, rather than personal friendship. The author would continue to have my support, so long as he kept putting out quality content and taking the fight to my enemies.

The contrapositive is true as well. Should any of these people sell out, and begin promoting feminism, then – heh – my lack of personal friendship will become immediately apparent.

Above I said that I doubted the author of Dalrock was a scroungy layabout, LARPing as an honorable family man. I doubt this because it would take too much energy for the average scroungy layabout to accomplish, and there would be no real payoff to it. However, I don’t doubt for a second that he has been (and will continue to be) enticed by our enemies to sell out and water down (or reverse) his message. The fact that the enemy is now banning nobodies on twitter is not due to their desire to be thorough in victory. It is a result of fear. They fear us because we are winning. In their desperation, they’re frantically trying to silence our message, because they have no riposte. They know this, and we should know it too.

We are winning, and will continue to win, because we have no strong leader for our enemies to attack directly. We’re individuals and small groups, who are speaking the truth to the comfortable, and they have no response. Leaders are easy targets, and we’re not ready for one quite yet.

I have a strong belief, rooted in Hegel and Marx, of human beings and their ability to self-organize. A leader will arise when the historical imperative dictates, and not before. The one thing I’m sure of is that the leader won’t be me. My goal is to be a sort of John the Baptist figure, calling out hypocrisy when I see it, and laughing at the liars on the sidelines. In the interim, I have something of a unique perspective, born of a lot of wild time-wasting in my youth, and I think that I can add some useful knowledge over in the comments sections, to men who lived a better life than I did. Most of these guys, who sit in the comments sections, think that their lives will be over after their divorces. Most of them are angry at women for being deceptive. In other words, they’re angry at women for being women, which is silly. I try and tell them to stop wasting their time. Sometimes it works. Often it makes them mad at me. I care not.

People who are foolish enough to think I am leadership material should reassess their situation. Like anyone else, I’m subject to turn if the payoff looks good. Be loyal to the principles we struggle toward, and walk beside me on the road to victory. Never be afraid to criticize me. We’ll get to the promised land together.

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  1. With only one bullet and faced with a traitor and an enemy, I shoot the traitor in the face, and fight the enemy with my hands.

    I doubt Dalrock intends to betray anytime soon.

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