Twitter Tricknology

I’ve got more bans than most, and my policy has always been to respect the wishes of the administrators of private fora. This courtesy does not apply to twitter dot com, which has enjoyed a particularly lackluster IPO, and which bills itself as a public utility. I enjoy twitter, despite its flaws, because I can talk back to sheltered celebrities and whiny feminists. Publicly traded corporations get different treatment from me than John Smith’s male feminism wordpress blog.

Having a sock suspended is a minor annoyance, and when it happened this week I wasn’t surprised. I attempted to start a new account immediately¬†to bring the laughs to the masses. To my surprise, the new account was suspended just as quickly as my first login, before I had time to make a single post.


Networks which shelter the whiners to this extent don’t usually survive long-term. Talking consumers is the real social network, and those same people tend to route their traffic around obstacles like this. Even so, it’s interesting that they care enough about Brother Boxer to have his ip range and personal details in their blacklist.

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  1. New GMAIL address, google voice phone number, then first login from public library. After the first login they don’t check.

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