White Nationalists are (mostly) Losers

I will say there are exceptions. I know a number of serious, committed people who describe themselves as white nationalists. These men and women are decent, realistic people with a healthy sense of humor. They can handle talking to a dude (like y’r boy Boxer) who likes dating black chicks and doesn’t worry too much about ethnic stuff. They are, unfortunately, the minority.

Photo courtesy Omega Virgin Revolt

Whatever differences I may have with Black Pill, he logically lays out the brutal truth on the white nationalist movement, and the quality of its average adherent. Read his cogent essay here.

Author: Boxer

Secret King of all Gamma Males, Member of Frankfurt School, Your Fave Contrarian!

14 thoughts on “White Nationalists are (mostly) Losers”

  1. The extreme “leading edge” may well be losers — but the majority of whites in North America
    and Europe sympathize with the general attitudes . . . as they should.

    Boxer, I have a new website at


    I’d like to see you making your presence known there.

  2. And why the fuck would you ball a negro if you could get a white girl? Admittedly, I’ve been a black chick’s
    apartment who liked me, so I’m no angel, but I only fondled her titties, no fucking.

    “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.”

  3. Sorcery God sez:

    …why the fuck would you ball a negro if you could get a white girl? Admittedly, I’ve been a black chick’s
    apartment who liked me, so I’m no angel, but I only fondled her titties, no fucking.

    I dunno why I’m attracted to black chicks. I only know that I am. Specifically light-skinned black chicks who are slim, feminine and soft spoken. Most of these types in your area live out in Etobicoke, and are recent immigrants from the Caribbean… They’re way sexier than the big ugly white bull dykes who swarm the area around U of T.

    1. Boxer, how the FUCK do you know Toronto so well?

      And the U of T chicks aren’t that bad — if you go on College Street, which is right south of the main campus,
      you’ll find lots of young hotties who aren’t huge and anti-feminine.

      But NOTICE too you’re talking FEMININE, LIGHT-SKINNED blacks. So, basically, an ideal of behavior
      that Anglosphere women have abandoned as being too inconvenient for them to keep up.

      American and Canadian born blacks are bitchy, TSCH TSCH *mouth noising disapproval sound they make*

  4. @Sorcerygod

    All women are the same. All of them. Their every desire is made manifest and the yearnings of the cucks are kept at bay. The jack booted thugs of Cuckmerica are ever eager to destroy those who would in any way hamper the slightest whim of a pretty pretty princess. All women are the same. All of them.

  5. I’m not sure if I’m a white nationalist, but I can say that all things being equal I would prefer to live in a nation where my ethnicity is the majority, and where that majority is not required to prostrate itself in constant fear of being labeled “racist” by everyone else.

  6. Having a gypsy friend kicked to death by bonehead scum back in early 1990ies, I’m afraid I’ll never be able to overcome some strong ‘bias’ towards anyone identifying themselves as ‘white nationalist’, however decent people they may be..

    The part about dating black chicks reminded me about one moment in the below documentary, where one of the naziskins is confronted about committing similar ‘sin’ in the past:

    (part 1 of 4)


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