Heroic Alpha v. Pathetic Beta


This is a response to this insightful comment. Writer boydoesntmeetgirl ripostes with:

I would say that being educated, wealthy, articulate and in control is not how women define an alpha male — that’s how traditional wisdom defines “alpha”, which is exactly the mode of thinking that relegated many guys to incel. Also, guys who are not weak, and (by all appearances) are able to do the controlling and manipulating on their women seem to be the ones women most want.

That’s a particularly salient point. I rarely use the terms “alpha” and “beta”. They have never been well-defined and when others use them I can’t ever be strictly sure that I know what I’m reading about. I think they’re nice metaphors for kids who are brand new to the ‘sphere, so I wouldn’t discourage them; but, anyway.

Snip the journal article, which I’ll read later… And thank you for posting it!

Well, it’s not really about me personally, but on that point, there is a new stoner/boner blog post that I have commented in, and it hits this issue pretty directly. I’ll just link to it for efficiency.

Wow! You mean the lazy hack “stonerwithaboner” stole my content without citing me, and put it on his gay-ass blog? I’m shocked, just shocked, at this. lol

Heh, here’s one for you… You KNOW you’re truly an incompetent beta when you are spending time and energy, and maybe even a little money, on attention whoring women like that who live over 2,000 miles away. You’re not getting sex, but they are getting free attention — the kind of shameful toadying that only a desperate, inexperienced incel would be stupid enough to ladle out. Depending on how sweet the deal is for them, it may seem impossible to get rid of them, yes…until the point when they astound you with how easily they get rid of you, as soon as they get bored and/or you show some genuine vulnerability. 

You bring up a really interesting point here.

A lot of young guys have been so conditioned by the predominant feminist narratives that they don’t even want sex. They imagine women can be “friends” with men, in the way men are friends with one another. I haven’t devoted nearly enough time to deconstructing this, but it seems like it might be just as red a pill to swallow as the sexuality aspect.

If we want to get theoretical, books by Simon Sheppard and Esther Vilar are good places to start to appreciate the differences. Really though, all a young man has to do is to observe his female peers as they interact with one another. Women generally don’t have authentic friendships, in the way that men do. They have a zero-sum mentality, which dictates hatred for any of their sisters who benefits in any way. Their social landscape is constantly shifting, with one or another “bestie” fading in or out of favor. Does any normal man actually want to be friends with one of these women?

If that’s where you are at by the time you finally crack and go to the brothel, you might as well break the bank and go deluxe at it, because as far as otherwise irresponsible splurge goes, it will be the best investment you’ve ever made.

The hoe that was the subject of that little string of texts was an otherwise attractive but crazy young lady. I banged her a couple of times, before she became tiresome. Her insanity was such that I never allowed her to come over to my place. In any event, she thought she’d give me an ultimatum, a couple of months ago, to which I didn’t respond. Here she is back again, begging to be “friends”.

No woman is my friend. If I needed so much as a lift to a meeting, I know she couldn’t be counted upon to meet that need. Her little diatribe is an illustration of just how women use that word, assuming that their male victims will not understand it. Friendship, to her, implies (after a couple of halfhearted ejaculations) another attempt at getting to my house, nesting, moving in, and getting access to my money market account. It’s really just that simple.

The average prostitute is more honest than the average wimminz, these days. She doesn’t waste your time, and won’t pester you for weeks and weeks, after you tell her flatly to piss off and leave you alone.

So what’s the difference between an “alpha” and a “beta”? Am I an alpha, simply because I don’t let myself get taken advantage of? Would I have been an alpha in the saner and more productive society of 1916? I don’t pretend to know the answer, because I don’t have a rigorous definition. Like “friend,” the word is used in different ways, by different people, generally when they want you to do something for them.

Shit Happened in August

Glenn Stanton’s Gospel of Wimminz Supremacy

Glenn Stanton is the director of “family formation studies” at Focus On The Family, a powerful nonprofit that has raised about half a billion dollars in the last five years. He is also the author of numerous books, including Loving My LGBT Neighbor (2014), and the director/producer of a feature film. As such, he joins other Christian hucksters like Joel Osteen and Mark Driscoll who have made fabulous wealth by fleecing the flock, peddling a duplicitous feminist message all the while.

Stanton’s latest article “Why Man and Woman Are Not Equal” is a fair example of his work.

American Dad: The Blog

No, this isn’t related to the ridiculous television program of the same name. This is the work of a true cultural subversive, spreading the countersocial meme that (gasp) fathers are necessary, and ought to be respected.

From the about page:

In the interest of egalitarianism, the philosophies of the past 100 years have created a disordered, chaotic dystopia. This site represents one of many lines of effort to fight back the decline.

Visit this example of hateful cisgender-patriarchy here.

Pope Francis Brings the Pain

Pope Francis dared to say something sensible: namely that children don’t need to be exposed to a bunch of weird tranny theatrics while they’re learning to read and count. Once he made realtalk safe, a gaggle of pediatricians timidly supported him.

Naturally, the degenerates are outraged. As we all know, they enjoy being outraged, so we may as well speak freely, and let the chips fall where they may.