Did Hillary Cheat?

cricequueaadpy7-jpg-large-2It’s apparently the job of Hollywood actors to fact-check the Clinton campaign and their corrupt media hacks. James Woods tweeted: “She can’t even lie without help,” calling attention to Hillary’s earpiece and strange cadence in responding to questions.


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Like it or not (and I know a lot of you mofos ain’t gonna like this) she’s still more qualified than Jeb Bush.

Author: Boxer

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One thought on “Did Hillary Cheat?”

  1. Qualifications are irrelevant when you’re pushing a poisonous ideology that undermines all that right-thinking men believe.

    Especially demi-gods and gods, natural superiors. This society does ENOUGH as it is to level us down, without the help of the Equalitarians.

    However . . . *playing smile* I like opposing views.

    If you’re bored, come to my site and drop another quote. Never forget that they all link back to you, and at this early stage in the game on my site you stand out like a neon sign. I’ve got the low-triple-digits of viewers, but that’s bound to grow as I expand and market. Word-of-mouth will help me too. By commenting more often at qedbook, the rising tide carries all our boats.

    I will continue to come here and comment. *bows and exits*

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