Gab: A New Social Network

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-11-27-23On or about summer 2014, twitter fell to SJW fags and other thought-policing losers. The firm has restructured several times since, and stock prices have tanked. Twitter co-founder Evan Williams allegedly even suggested a buyout, though there is no reason to believe such a thing is going to happen.

This trend, of shitlibs destroying everything they come into contact with, is actually a moneymaking opportunity to some in the know. Chuck Johnson (one of the first to be banned from twitter) claims to have made a huge amount of money shorting the stocks of companies when they begin their downward trajectory, started by concessions to feminists, looters and wreckers.

Gab is a new startup which promises something different: the ability to speak freely. There are some limitations. Death threats and illegal pornography will get you banned and reported to law enforcement. Provided you’re a normal person who has no interest in this sort of nonsense, you will ostensibly be free to speak about anything you like.

Milo Yiannopolous, Mike Cernovich, Joseph Paul Watson, Stefan Molyneux and others are already there, posting unique content.



Author: Boxer

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One thought on “Gab: A New Social Network”

  1. Censorship is there not for utilitarian reasons, as you might imagine, but because it soothes the nerves of the Left-Wingers who push for that model of society.

    Remember, they were bossed around as children and still feel nervous about their (wholly artificial) control of society, which is based on controlling elite institutions where their solidarity with one another and conniving minds can force-multiply. In the real world, they’re outnumbered 100 to 1.

    So! Boxer! I was looking forward to seeing a comment from you on my site . . . I am carefully cultivating the elite commenting crowd — the true writers — and I was hoping to enlist you in those ranks. If you can check out today’s article at and add your thoughts to it in the comments section. No pressure, but I am really hopeful you will be there. Our political sympathies seem to be in alignment. *gone for now*

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