Shit Happened in August

Glenn Stanton’s Gospel of Wimminz Supremacy

Glenn Stanton is the director of “family formation studies” at Focus On The Family, a powerful nonprofit that has raised about half a billion dollars in the last five years. He is also the author of numerous books, including Loving My LGBT Neighbor (2014), and the director/producer of a feature film. As such, he joins other Christian hucksters like Joel Osteen and Mark Driscoll who have made fabulous wealth by fleecing the flock, peddling a duplicitous feminist message all the while.

Stanton’s latest article “Why Man and Woman Are Not Equal” is a fair example of his work.

American Dad: The Blog

No, this isn’t related to the ridiculous television program of the same name. This is the work of a true cultural subversive, spreading the countersocial meme that (gasp) fathers are necessary, and ought to be respected.

From the about page:

In the interest of egalitarianism, the philosophies of the past 100 years have created a disordered, chaotic dystopia. This site represents one of many lines of effort to fight back the decline.

Visit this example of hateful cisgender-patriarchy here.

Pope Francis Brings the Pain

Pope Francis dared to say something sensible: namely that children don’t need to be exposed to a bunch of weird tranny theatrics while they’re learning to read and count. Once he made realtalk safe, a gaggle of pediatricians timidly supported him.

Naturally, the degenerates are outraged. As we all know, they enjoy being outraged, so we may as well speak freely, and let the chips fall where they may.

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2 thoughts on “Shit Happened in August”

  1. About the man supporting “wimminz superiority”:

    A lot of men are conditioned by their mothers to be white knights supportive of everything the female sex does, and they never break free from this conditioning, obviously. If you’ve ever been slightly bit rough with women, raising your voice or berating them or even just criticizing them, you’ll have experienced men jumping up to stop this. Those pussies and dickless wonders serve the matriarchy.

    The irony is that women themselves don’t respect these wanna-be hero men. I think it’s clear that women prefer the alpha males . . . and then seek to turn the alpha male wolf into a domesticated husband dog. Which is something that Heartiste of doesn’t get. He has the good sense to avoid entangling relationships of permanence, but neglects to understand why women are so keen on an alpha. It’s not because they want him to STAY an alpha, but because they want a pliable servant-pet.

    Anyway! Hope you’ll write a longer post, K2-D2. I hope your robot form survives the sands of Tattoine. Today’s article on my site is entitled “Most influential pop musician ever,” and I hope you’ll check it out and leave a comment if you will. Click on my name to go. That is all.

  2. Hey man, thanks for these kind words and this linkback. I hadn’t even noticed the incoming traffic until just now!

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