Thieves and Liars

article-2525743-1a2d72ed00000578-777_306x433Kate Winslet is a 38-year old actress, who became famous for her role in the 1997 feature Titanic. In the film, she plays a girl named Rose, who skips out on her fiancé, in order to bang a hobo named Jack in the cargo hold of a large sailing ship. Jack is a likeable character, and her husband-to-be is played off as a spoiled and jerky fellow, so the plot functions for its intended audience (modern females).

In her off-screen life, things have turned out much the same for Ms. Winslet. She has given birth to at least three different children, all fathered by three different men. Her position suggests that these children will never know the sort of crushing poverty that the average child, born to this type of woman, finds familiar.

Earlier this month, Ms. Winslet let the world know what she thought of men and fathers during an interview. “My kids don’t go back and forth,” she said. “None of this 50/50 time with the mums and dads – my children live with me, that is it.” [independent]

Fathers 4 Justice, a UK based group best known for its street theatre, took out ads urging Kate to allow her children to visit their dads for the holidays. Winslet immediately responded with a global tantrum, and is currently ranting in the press about hiring solicitors to sue this (largely leaderless) collective for “defamation”.

Her own words, given in a public interview and repeated verbatim, are damaging her image. For this self-inflicted display of stupidity, she needs some man to pay. How “empowered” and “independent” she must feel.

Kate Winslet’s awards include the Oscar, the César, and an OBE. Despite all of these conspicuous displays of outward privilege, Ms. Winslet’s entitlement is precisely similar to the garden variety retard, washed in poverty, who appears on the Maury Povich program to whine about her babydaddy, and to gloat about sole custody while the hoi polloi cheer from the cheap seats.

My grandmother’s old saying: “breeding will out,” has just become clear to me.

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  1. A little confused… What does the phrase “breeding will out” mean to you now? Is “will” a noun or verb?

  2. It’s an allusion to man’s place in the animal kingdom. “will out” is the future perfect (I think) tense of the verb. I suppose the metaphor is close to the old saying “lipstick on a pig”.

    Putting a trashy person in a position of wealth, power or authority will never change them into someone who uses that authority competently. It just means that you’ve got a more difficult problem.

    The allusion can go the other way, too. I’ve heard “breeding will out” to describe adoptees who go on to pursue great accomplishments, despite growing up in mediocre surroundings, around slackers and losers.

  3. Boxer ..

    I’m wondering why this doesn’t show-up on your home page?.?.

    I would’ve never seen this thread if SF & you hadn’t responded. Hmmmmm

    Anyway .. what a cunt .. Good on F4J .. what a cunt!

  4. It’s just a really old article, so it’s down at the bottom of the history. Happy New Year, brother!

  5. lol .. I did not catch that .. and that’s not like me not to notice every lil detail.

    Thanks Boxer

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