Clownworld News: 22 May 2018


Starting that magic countdown until Harry hit with frivolous criminal accusation of rape or sexual harassment.


Eagerly awaiting the new merit badges for fisting and anal sex.

BTW: For those who don’t believe this, you aren’t alone. I had to go get the source. It’s legit. It has also been policy for two years, so I’m not sure why it is only now getting airplay.

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NAWALT and Other Scams


Someone calling himself Jeff Strand has recently been trolling Dalrock’s comment section. His schtick is old, though he is a bit better at it than most of those who have come before. The argument goes something like:

  1. There are divorced men on Dalrock.
  2. I married well, and I am not divorced.
  3. Therefore, the divorced men on Dalrock did not marry well.

Strand continues by insisting that had these idiot men merely done what he had done, they would be having no problems. When asked pointed questions, however, his testimony collapses. At one point, Strand breaks down and admits:

[My slut wife] was not a virgin [when I met her]. However, she was pretty sexually inexperienced. I met her right as she was turning 25, and I believe she lost her V card at around age 21…which is pretty darn good for today (or even 20 years ago) when most girls lose it in high school. It’s tough to make it to 25 still a virgin. Also, she never had a serious, long-term boyfriend before me…so it was nice for me not having to deal within the shadow of an ex-bf.


Point no. 1: Any man using the feminist term “V-card” is confirmed as a faggot.

Point no. 2: It doesn’t matter whether I’m right, in assuming that Mrs. Strand was turned out as a teenager, and had spent a full decade worshipping cock of many colors, before finally settling on this chump. It may be that I’m wrong, and that Strand is right in assuming that his whore only serviced a few dicks in adulthood, belonging to steady eddies and a couple of hookups when she was drunk and drugged. If you’re into fetishizing virginity, then who cares? The only salient point is that she failed this weird test.

In any case, Strand doesn’t deviate from his basic point. Wimminz choosing to betray their families is always the fault of the men involved. If the losers on Dalrock were as manly as Strand, then their wimminz would be nice and obedient, like the reformed slut Mrs. Strand supposedly is.

It is hardly surprising that one of the people Strand hates most is Scott, a qualified psychoanalyst, who did marry a single mom, and was quite open about raising her son. He has done a good job by anyone’s standards. Scott writes, about meeting his wife Mychael:

Still basically like that when I met Mychael, I have, through much trial and error reverted back to much of my former high school jock behaviors within the context of marriage as well as simply reading around here. And I am on much more stable ground in my marriage. I don’t pretend she is NAWALT. Or that either one of us are made up of some material that rest of you losers are. I move forward with knowledge I did not have before and I am basically happy with married life.


It is as though we must approach wimminz as we approach the Dao: He who claims to understand NAWALT does not understand NAWALT, but he who claims he can not understand NAWALT is approaching an understanding.

Scott claims his wife is not NAWALT because she is, in fact, NAWALT. Anyone who has read their posts, seen their photos, and interacted with them honestly will attest to this. Unlike Strand, Scott has given mountains of good advice to all the other men who took the “man up and marry a slut” advice to heart. It is possible to reform a ho’, because he has done it. Now, I don’t think it’s worth the time, effort and headache to do this; but, if you’re already deep in that hole, you might find it easier to follow Scott’s advice than to divorce your bitch wife, pay through the nose, and start all over in my lifestyle. Strand’s wife is not NAWALT because, in the first place, he has admitted that she was a skank-ho slut when he met her. In the second, and most importantly, she is not NAWALT because he claims she is NAWALT.

Ask yourself if an honest-to-god NAWALT would settle for being with a dope who spends all his life trolling internet comment sections that almost nobody reads.

Now ask yourself why Strand has so much traction, while Scott has next to none…

NAWALT is a ready-made scam, because so many men want it to be true. In that regard, it falls neatly into a wider set of scams, that start out with “nine out of ten doctors recommend…” rhetoric.

Men will believe the NAWALT scam for precisely similar reasons they will believe that buying a certain brand of toothpaste will cure their dental problems, and that buying a new sports car will cure their wimminz problems, and that fat girls make better wives, and that single moms make better lovers. Specifically, they believe these scams because they want to believe them. These scams contain artifacts that appeal to certain inborn, abstract, moods in the male primate: justice, fairness, right. Feminists like Strand peddle them to men on Dalrock, and the men on Dalrock lap them up, because it’s easier to believe that there are easy answers to their problems than to take advice from men like Scott, who will tell them the truth: namely, that you have to work hard and exercise discipline if you want a functional relationship.


The Wisdom of Robert Mugabe


I was bored today, so I took a half-hour and made some Robert Mugabe memes. Spread some of these around, if you think they’re poignant or amusing. Just don’t tell anyone where they came from.


Bad women? Bob hasn’t got the memo. There are no such things, just bad husbands, fathers and other rapists.


Whatever else you might say about the man, he enjoyed tweaking the tails of the feminists.


My brother, don’t kill yourself…

The Letter of Thomas Markle Jr.

markleDown below, Earl tipped me off to the fact that Meghan Markle’s brother wrote Prince Harry a letter, urging him to reconsider his insane proposal to marry a self-described feminist.

Rather than heeding the good advice this man gave him, Harry leaked the letter to the slimeball media, which immediately began harassing the writer.

As of today, Harry has been joined in legal wedlock with this skank-ho divorcée and troublemaking Hollywood D-lister. His fate is sealed, and his punishment for this insult has just begun.

As for the writer: after being harangued by scumbag journalists and biographers, he has apologized for telling the truth about his sister’s character. While Thomas Markle has recanted the following testimony, I am posting it here, simply for posterity’s sake. I’m sure it won’t be too long before we have another update on our favorite skank-ho princess and the chaos she vomits up on anyone in her proximity. Minor spelling corrections have been made, but the content is intact.


Dear Prince Harry,

It’s not too late. Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you.

As more time passes to your royal wedding, it becomes very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history.

I’m confused why you don’t see the real Meghan that the whole world now sees. Meghan’s attempt to act the part of a princess, like a below “C” average Hollywood actress, is getting old.

What kind of person starts out by using her own father until he’s bankrupt, then forgets about him in Mexico, leaving him broke, over mostly all her debt, and when it’s time to pay him back, she forgets her own father like she never knew him?

My father will never recover financially from paying Meghan’s way, nor emotionally from [her] disavowing him. Meg is showing her true colors.

It’s very apparent that her tiny bit of Hollywood fame has gone to her head, changing her into a jaded, shallow, conceited woman, that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage.

Not to mention, to top it all off, she doesn’t invite her own family, and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding. Who does that? You and the royal family should put an end to this fake fairytale wedding before it [is] too late.

Her own father didn’t get an invite, who should be walking her down the aisle. She easily forgets [that] if it weren’t for my father, she would be bussing tables and babysitting to pay her old debt off.  The whole world is watching Meg make bad decisions and choices. It’s not too late, Harry.

Meghan is still my sister. She is family. So, whatever happens is up to her. Whether she wants to forget knowing me or the rest of her family, family comes first.

Also, you would think that a royal wedding would bring a torn family closer together, but I guess we’re all distant family to Meg.


Tom Markle Jr.


The Skank-Ho Princess

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 14.04.59

Unlike many on the alt-right, I do not LARP as a monarchist, and I make no secret of my apathy toward the royal family. I think Canadians should have dumped this dysfunctional crew of layabouts long ago. And so, it is with subdued glee that I welcome my new skank-ho overlord, Meghan Markle, into the scroungy bunch who signs off on my travel documents. The chaos she will bring to our masters will be a great source of personal amusement to me.

Meghan Markle is already a divorcée. She was, unknown to many, married to a man named Trevor Engelson. They tied the knot in a traditional Jewish wedding in Jamaica, in 2011. Less than two years later, young Meghan ran her husband face-first through the divorce courts. I guess all those religious vows and promises went out the window, when the skank realized she could get a big payday.

A Portrait of The Con-Artist as A Young Prostitute


Meghan Markle in 2010, with her first husband, Trevor Engelson.

Skank-ho Meghan in traditional religious “chair dance” at her first wedding.

To recap: Markle promised, in a traditional Jewish wedding, to love, respect, honor and obey her husband, Trevor Engelson. She divorced him two years later, getting an undisclosed payout as reward for breaking her most important promises. Scumbag biographer of the rich and idle, Andrew Morton, describes skank-ho filing the divorce papers as a shocking surprise to Engelson, who said it came “out of the blue.” Markle sent back her wedding and engagement rings to her husband through the mail, from Canada, in the same week she filed the papers. I can only assume that she had already started making eyes at another series of men.

Fast forward to the present: Harry, a man who volunteered to serve in Afghanistan (where he further fought in the field – which he didn’t have to do) somehow sees skanky Meghan as wife material. Harry has now married Meghan in another traditional religious wedding, where Meghan made a big to-do about refusing to promise to obey her husband.

Harry, of course, has the money to send Meghan packing, and he almost certainly will. At best we can hope that he doesn’t let this dysfunctional feminist have any of his children to hold hostage. If we condemn him, it is for inflating the egos of skank-ho wimminz everywhere, who will now see the normalization of slutty divorcées trading up to a bona-fide prince, after demonstrating the inability to keep their most important promises.

Read more about this trashy ho at The Sun and NY Times.

Cometh The Skank

adesThe trick ho’ at right is one Jacqueline Ades, age 31. On 8 April, police in Paradise Valley AZ were summoned to fetch her. When the cops arrived at her victim’s house, she was completely nude, bathing in her victim’s tub, with a very large butcher’s knife nearby.

Her victim is an anonymous wealthy man, who alerted the cops remotely, after seeing Ades break in to his house on a series of remote cameras. Jackie-slut was taken in hand without too much trouble, and transported to the Maricopa County Jail. A subsequent investigation suggested that Jackie-skank was far more unhinged than anyone could have possibly anticipated.

This is an illustrative story, which we can all learn from. We’ll call our victim Abe, and briefly go through what Abe did, right and wrong, in gaming this whore.

Jackie-slut met Abe after she set up an internet dating profile on a site called Luxy. At some point, in the late spring or early summer of 2017, Abe met Jackie-skank, took her back to his impressive home, fucked her, and then ghosted out on her. Jackie-ho subsequently made herself a persistent nuisance, up until the day she got the bracelets clapped on her, for breaking into Abe’s house.

Let’s do a bit of deconstruction, shall we?

Luxy bills itself this way:


Abe’s first major mistake is immediately apparent to any playa with common sense. Luxy apparently encourages its prospective suckers gentlemen playaz to fill out a verification of deposit form, allowing the administrators of the dating site to dig around in his confidential financial records.

There are legitimate reasons to allow third-parties a verification of deposit. If one is purchasing an expensive home, for example, he will regularly give this sort of access to the mortgage company, to support his application. A look at balances and history in his savings and investment accounts will offset a shaky job history or a mediocre credit rating.

What we must wonder is why Abe was so desperate for the loving attention of skanks like Jackie-ho, that he allowed this sort of digging merely in anticipation of the chance of meeting her. At first glance, many men will simply assume that Abe was desperate for cunt. This is not really credible, only because Abe probably has access to professional escorts (as the rest of us do). There are two obvious scenarios that present themselves as equally credible, in my mind.

  1. Abe is into kink so vile that professional prostitutes won’t indulge it.
  2. Abe was, despite his financial success, a simp who wanted to find a wife.

Scenario No. 1 was my first assumption. I imagine that there are things that professional hookers simply have too much self-respect to do for their johns.

a. “I want to shit in your mouth and watch you eat it…”

b. “I want to choke you until you lose consciousness and then fuck your gasping, brain-damaged body…”

The decadence of rich guys should not be discounted. Even so, there is some evidence that this was not the case. For all his faults, Abe seems to have followed ya boy Boxer’s advice, and backed up all his conversations with the skanks he met. The recorded conversations not only seem to exonerate Abe of any serious moral wrongdoing, they paint his stalker as a particularly unhinged character, and now constitute a large body of evidence against her.


Jackie-slut is currently being laughed at for threatening Abe, as he calmly ignored her looney tirades. As wimminz will tend to do, her text-outbursts became more and more extreme, even as he proceeded to ghost her, culminating in beautiful expressions of love like:

“I am the new Hitler… I hope you die, you rotten, filthy Jew.”


“I want to bathe in your blood.”

Aside from being tasteless, Jackie-ho is also sadly uncreative, blatantly plagiarizing Bret Easton Ellis in both of these examples.

When asked why she would send an uninterested man a year’s worth of looney threats, Jackie replied:

“When you’re in love, not everything is perfect. This was a journey.”

So, this cunt is nuts. Quelle surprise. I always try not to indulge in victim-blaming, but in this case, Abe does get some shaming from me. He clearly did not perform due diligence in keeping such a mental patient away from him.

“But Boxer,” I hear you squawking, “how was this poor chump to know that his ho’ was crazy?”

I knew she was crazy, two minutes after I plugged her name into the search bar. From her open and public instagram feed, we find this gem:


Who wants to know the location of Atlantis!?!
The coordinates of Atlantis are 33,33
Atlantis is INSIDE THE EARTH. it is the SOUL of the earth. The earth is ALIVE IT HAS A SOUL, THIS IS WHERE ALL CREATION IS BORN! The Dead Sea is actually the battery to Atlantis. And Atlantis is the battery to the earth. The earths water is supposed to be the battery of the universe. Every planet is supposed to be alive!!! But because we are under a death frequency, everythingg is DYING… the universe is ALIVE TOO.

Would you want this lunatic knowing the location, layout and contents of your home? I didn’t think so. The easiest possible thing one can do is to plug a bitch’ name and phone number into a search engine, and see what comes up. Ironically, Jackie-slut herself advised this to wimminz, in April 2017 (only weeks before she met her victim).


Every slit you meet on the dating site is doing exactly this to you, and if you don’t respond in kind, it’s hard for me to be completely sympathetic when a weirdo attaches her parasitic tentacles into you, and starts draining you of time, money and energy.

Oh, and in case you didn’t realize, Jackie-skank is a proud feminist wimminz, and advertises as much to anyone who bothers to look…


When she’s not harassing, annoying, and exploiting clueless, wealthy chumps like Abe, she’s searching for the dick she really wants, in the general population of the state prisons:


All of this material, and much, much more, was available to Abe, before he decided to invite her around for a fuck.

What have we learned today? Let’s review…

  1. Always keep screenshots of your sms and email conversations with a bitch. Back these screenshots up to google.
  2. Do not allow any bitch, nor her pimp (this includes the dating site), access to your confidential financial information.
  3. Do your due diligence. Do not waste time on any bitch who is demonstrably nuts.
  4. If you have a large portfolio, then proactively hide it. Take the bitch to the Super-8, or just buy a modest condo for romps. Don’t show up in your S-Class, and don’t bring the bitch back to the mansion. Are you stupid, or what?

Much more at:



Yeah, she’s a real keeper. For fuck’s sake.

Krista Sings The Blues

krista.hoThe whore at left is one Krista Conley Glover, age 36. Krista grew up in Methville (f/k/a Portland) OR; though the booking photo attached came from St. John’s County, FL. She looks to me little better than the typical drug-addled white feminist, who has graduated from a life of coddling to crime. The 1990s chic big-hairdo, the hideous, wall-hitting face, and the vacuous stare ahead, all combine to portray this bitch in the most realistic possible light.

At first glance, a brother could be forgiven for assuming that she had been busted for peddling crack. Before we get to the real story, let’s fill in some background. Krista is married to a multimillionaire pro-golfer named Lucas Hendley Glover, age 38. Lucas and Krista were married in 2012. By anyone’s standards, he has done a passable job as a provider — busting ass to give his whore of a wife a Florida mansion and spending sprees abroad. Here’s a tweet from last month, in which she is boasting about her ability to waste her husband’s money on fucking other men “girls night out” [sic]…


Now, maybe I’m showing my lack of experience with rough trade, but in this photo, with her plunging neckline and visible nips, Krista looks little better than an aging street hooker. Her minimal boobs and bony elbows give her an Auschwitz aesthetic, and her collapsed cheeks suggest that she might be toothless. The stretch marks around her mouth are also illustrative. She’s anything but attractive, and if she were approaching me in that getup, I’d assume that she was an anorexic prostitute coming to hit me up for some spare change.

For some odd reason Lucas found her worthy of marriage, and the couple now have two children. It ought to be noted that Lucas married Krista a couple of years after he had famously won the U.S. Open, and immediately after he had won the Wells Fargo Championship. She had already crested thirty-one years, and was well on her way to sexual marketplace irrelevance when she walked down the aisle. Krista ought to down on her knees, alternately satisfying her husband’s sexual needs and thanking whatever god or gods she worships, for this man who saved her from a sad fate.


Last weekend was Mother’s Day. Like any dutiful son, Lucas wanted to spend time both with his mother and his wife. He invited them both to the The Player’s Championship 2018, to watch him on the links, where he hoped they would enjoy themselves in private seats, while he earned the family bread. Unfortunately for everyone, Lucas didn’t happen to prevail, and washed out of the tournament without placing. This is where the fun apparently began.

And thus, Krista decided that she’d celebrate Mother’s Day, this year, by beating the hell out of her husband, in front of his mom and their two terrified children. The reason for all this? Because Lucas had not performed up to her expectations.


“You’d better win, or I will take the kids, and you will never see them again!”

When granny was forced to intervene, she turned her foul attentions on Lucas’ mother. By the time the police arrived, granny was reportedly ambulanced off to hospital to get stitches in her arm. This whole story is particularly disturbing, given the fact that Lucas and his mother are both actively covering for this abusive whore in the media, right now. Lucas refused to sign the affidavit, but the cops took Krista’s spoiled ass down to the station anyhow. She caused such a fuss, they gave her an extra “resisting arrest” charge. She is quoted as saying:

“This is why cops get shot in the face!”

Like a good male-feminist, Lucas has decided to “stand by his woman,” even as she has been a complete embarrassment to him, his family, and his profession. Here is his latest profession of solidarity with this trashy ho’ on twitter dot com:


Husband and granny have since bailed Krista out of jail, and have welcomed her back into the mansion, where she will surely cause more trouble. To thank her husband and mother-in-law, Krista has begun giving interviews to national media, accusing Lucas and his mother of torturing her. This ought to be appreciated by Lucas as a prelude to having him thrown out of the house, on trumped up charges. He doesn’t seem phased.

At this point, we ought to start that magic countdown to more mayhem. Stay tuned to this channel, and we’ll report further when the cops have to come back to the mansion. Will it be to serve Lucas with a protective order, and pack him into a hotel room? Or, will it be a murder investigation, after drug-addled slut Krista hacks up her husband and kids with a butcher knife? Only time will tell.

Read more at:

Miami Herald and/or ESPN

Read the police reports here: